Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am interviewed at CES

While working at the Polaroid Action booth at CES last week, Kevin Sutton and I were interviewed by Desire This. It was weird being the one interviewed. Usually I am the one behind the camera.

The camera I was interviewed about was the Polaroid Action Cube. An awesome tiny camera that will shoot both video and photos and is about the size of an ice cube. The specs say it will be waterproof up to two meters so it could be tossed into a glass like an ice cube.

The camera I was holding was a prototype and the real camera will by out Summer 2014 and will retail for $100.

What I learned: I need to lose a million pounds.

You can check out the post by Desire This here.

Special thanks to Rachael B. for taking photos with my camera during the interview.